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Press releases

SoMo Borac to Award a 3D Award to the Best Social and Mobile Media Experts

Zagreb, September 16th, 2013 – The award recognizing the best of social networks and mobile categories, to be awarded for the first time this year, at the Weekend Media Festival, will be printed out on a 3D printer.

The exciting technology of 3D printing is taking over the world. We can already print out food, musical instruments or awards. The SoMo Borac award, to be awarded at Weekend Media Festival, organized by the magazine planb.hr and Gingernet and Jasno i glasno agencies, will reward the best with an awesomely designed award printed out on a 3D printer. SoMo Borac will be among the first in the world to present an award made in the unique 3D technology.

“Since the SoMo Borac award recognizes innovation and originality in social networks and the mobile segment, the finals, i.e. the Award, had to symbolize these two elements. And as the most important Internet award, SoMo Borac has to pioneer the innovations. Therefore, an award printed out on a 3D printer was the logical and the most fun solution”, said Boris Ličina, Creative Director of the agency Jasno i glasno.

Regarding the process, it took 496.12 minutes and 90.265 cubic centimetres of plastic, i.e. a little more than 12.5 meters of plastic filament to print out the award. PLA plastic was used in the printing process, made from renewable sources and bio-degradable. The awards were made by Orca design, and the manufacturing studio Dve Cvoke helped to put everything together.

The Award ceremony will be held at Weekend Media Festival on Saturday, September 21st, in the Vikendica hall, beginning at 12:30 pm.


Great interest for BalCannes 2013 -
More than 80 applied works from six countries


Zagreb, September 13th, 2013 – For the second edition of BalCannes, the regional review of the best advertising agencies, we have received 82 works from 62 agencies and 71 advertisers from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. This is an immense turnout, considering candidates could only apply their works from the last year, unlike the first BalCannes, where they could apply works from the previous two years. The second BalCannes will be held from September 20th until September 22nd at Weekend Media Festival, in Rovinj, during which time the advertisers will have a unique chance to get to know the works of the agencies and find the agency ideal for them.

All the applied works will be shown in the BalCannes hall at Weekend Media Festival, as part of the screening programme, and they will also be included in the special printed edition of Media Marketing, the regional marketing magazine. During the year, advertisers will be able to search agencies and their works at BalCannes Yellow Pages, a regional online database which, after this year’s applicants, will be filled with a large number of new agencies.

Even though BalCannes is not a competition and there will be no awards, a jury of journalist from the region that follow the advertising industry has selected 25 works whose creators will get a chance to personally present themselves to numerous advertisers gathered at Weekend Media Festival. The organizers of BalCannes, Croatian Association of Societies for Market Communication (HURA) and Weekend Media Festival, invite advertisers to join the review, which was hailed as last year’s best event in the region, and find the agency which will provide them with the best support in their marketing activities.

Apart from Yellow Pages and the Screening hall, new features of this year’s BalCannes are two themed panel discussions. On Friday, September 20th, as an introduction to the review, major advertisers will talk about how they choose an agency they work with, and on Saturday Heads of leading regional agencies will talk about servicing their clients and market mergers.


The biggest companies in the race to win the SoMo Borac award -
Over a hundred applications received

Zagreb, September 11th, 2013 – More than a hundred applications have been received for the SoMo Borac award, organized by planb.hr in cooperation with Gingernet and Jasno i glasno agencies, to be awarded at this year’s Weekend Media Festival.

The SoMo Borac award, to be awarded for the first time this year, at Weekend Media Festival, has garnered a lot of interest from the biggest Croatian, regional and international companies. Such a huge response is not surprising considering those companies are very active on social networks, and, increasingly, in the mobile world as well. Most of the applications were for the category SoMo Face, for the best Facebook page, and the category App, With the Capital A, for the mobile app of the year. But the category Community Male/Female Manager of the Year is not far behind and it will show us who did the best work on social networks this year.

We have received over a hundred applications, most of them from strong and large companies from all industries – telecommunications, banks, insurance companies, cars, drinks, credit card companies, tourist destinations, TV-houses and many others.
“We are extremely happy that the applications came from the entire region”, said Ružica Vrdoljak from the Organizing Committee for the SoMo Borac award. “We are also happy that the strongest companies want to show that this region has social networks and mobile projects to be proud of. The competition is really fierce and whoever wins the award can be immensely proud of oneself.”

The best will be selected by an international jury of world experts: Boris Ličina Borja (Jasno i glasno), Ivan Brezak Brkan (Netokracija), Sanja Vale (Gingernet), Sašo Dimitrievski (Pristop), Tin Kadoić (Brlog), Nebojša Grbačić (Woohoo), Nebojša Radović (Njuz.net), Viktor Marohnić (Pet minuta), Davor Runje (Drap), Ida Pandur, Vedran Gulin (Proximity), Maja Bilić (iStudio), Edin Saračević (Mapnetwork/Perosnal/16K), Nikola Barać (Huge Media) and Filip Arson (Synapse).

The award ceremony will be held at Weekend Media Festival on Saturday, September 21st, in the Vikendica hall, beginning at 12:30 pm.




Zagreb, September 4th, 2013

Under the general sponsorship of Adris Group, Weekend Media Festival, to be held for the sixth time in Rovinj, from September 19th – 22nd, offers a programme full of lectures, panel discussions and presentations. In the Festival area of the old tobacco factory some 4,000 visitors will be able to attend presentations from experts from global companies such as Nestlé and Google. More than 100 lecturers and panellists will appear at this year’s Weekend and will hold lectures and take part in panels in four Festival halls.

CEO’s of the leading telecom companies from Croatia and Serbia will talk about new business models in the telecommunications market. In the panel “Financial Industry in a New Technological Environment”, bankers, insurance agents and investors will reveal how they adapt to technological changes in the business of their clients. 

In the last few months there has been a lot of talk about integrating big regional companies into a single megacompany which would be competitive on the European market. Visit the panel “Regional Benelux” to find out if it is possible and on what basis. The head people of Podravka and MK Commerce will answer questions about whether regional companies and markets are developed enough for serious across-the-border merges and what is the role of politics in this process. 

The panel discussion “Political dos and don’ts” could potentially draw a lot of interest. One of the panellists will be the president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia, Čedomir Jovanović.

Previous Weekend Media Festivals have addressed the crisis of the printed media, and the 6th Weekend will feature “The Return of the Printed Out”. That is the name of a panel in which key people from leading regional newspapers will try to clarify how newspaper brands managed not only to survive, but to communicate with more people than ever before. 

The panel “Yesterday’s News” will talk about business newspapers and the most interesting guest will be Sir Geoffrey Owen, editor of the Financial Times from 1981 until 1990. Today, Owen is a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences where he teaches corporate strategy, corporate governance and international competition.

Croatia’s joining the EU will be the subject of the panel “(Don’t) Join the EU!” Two top-notch journalists from The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Telegraph, both living in Brussels, will discuss this issue, and we know they do not see eye to eye. 

Representatives of television companies from the region will be present in full force. They have a demanding task: on the panel “TV Content: Games Without Borders”, they have to answer the question why some TV productions manage to become a regional product, while for others different version are being made for each country of the region. Is there any future for regional reality shows? Do young audiences consider “neighbouring” television broadcasters and content as their own? These issues will be discussed by heads of Nova TV, RTL, Prva television network from Serbia, Vesti 24 from Macedonia and the Serbian producer Dragan Bjelogrlić.

This panel will be immediately followed by Croatian Radiotelevision. For years there has been talk about restructuring the HRT, and in Rovinj, Director General Goran Radman might lay out some previously unknown details about his plans and the future of Croatia’s public service. 

Bosnian film director Danis Tanović will be the guest of the second day of the Weekend Media Festival. In a one-on-one talk, Tanović will reveal his thoughts on the current situation in regional film industry, as well as the cooperation between countries of former Yugoslavia.

Ivan Tasovac, the Director of the Belgrade Philharmonics, will talk about cultural cooperation between countries in the region, specifically in music. Tasovac is coming to Rovinj as the newly appointed Serbian Minister of Culture and he will surely have something to say about his plans to strengthen the cooperation.

Weekend Media Festival has always invited guests from some of the biggest global companies to Rovinj, and this year is no exception. Tom Buday, Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication for the world’s biggest food industry Nestlé will hold a lecture about Nestlé’s approach to customers in a digital world, and how he defines the return of an investment when creating a brand. From Google we will have Nir Korczak, Export Sector Leader at Google Israel, and the man responsible for the popularity of Start-up Nation all over the world. In his lecture, Korczak will talk about the Israeli model of development of start-up companies focused on export. Croatian and other companies from the region which plan to export or are already exporting will get a chance to hear how to implement this in practice. 

For the second time, the 6th Weekend Media Festival will hold a regional review of the best advertising agencies, BalCannes, which year hailed as the marketing event of last year. Introduction to BalCannes will be a panel discussion between major advertisers who will talk about how they choose agencies they work with, and the next day CEOs of leading agencies will hold a panel and discuss servicing regional clients and market mergers. Due to increased interest of agencies, the application deadline for BalCannes has been extended until September 8th. 

For the first time this year, the award ceremony for the Internet award SoMo Borac will be held at Weekend Media Festival. The award has several categories, such as Best Facebook Page, Best Instagram Profile, Best Mobile Application, Best Tablet Magazine and Internet Video of the Year. Applications are free and open until September 10th. 

Belgrade on a Business Trip, Verve and Barracudas  
Apart from lectures and panels, the Weekend will host a number of accompanying events…

Belgrade on a Business Trip will present the most creative subjects of urban life in Belgrade, from culture and design to music and gourmet scene, featuring  Mikser festival, Mikser house, Galerija 12, Parobrod, O.U.R Bar, Dijagonala, Zaplet, Supermarket, Pržionica Iguana Communale, Brankow, Tube, Mladost, Ludost, Lasta. They will present themselves to the audience through showrooms, food selection and parties.

Verve is an interesting exhibit which will show interesting newspaper advertisements from the period between 1969 and 1980. Prime feature of this anthology of former Yugoslavia’s advertising is an unusual blend of western achievements in advertising and socialist aesthetics.

Barracudas is a long awaited Croatian debut of the well-known American producer of Croatian origin, a frequent guest and friend of the Weekend, Pete Radovich. Radovich is one of the most-awarded sports TV workers in the US, having won 27 Emmys for Sports and News programmes. TV series Barracudas is Radovich’s first project in Croatia. The series of four documentaries reveals personal stories of Croatia’s gold-winning water polo players who, for the first time, opened the doors to their homes and their lives. Produced in the highest world standards, the TV series Barracudas takes us to an undiscovered world of Croatia’s most successful national squad, which Croatian audience has not seen before.  

Party, Party, Party
The famous Weekend parties are the best place for networking on the Festival. First up, on Thursday, there is the Weekend Family Reunion at club Pepermint, in Rovinj, where Ozren Knaceljak, Tomo In Der Muhlen, Martin Milinković, Filip Jelaš and Tomo Ricov will shake us up with their DJ sets. In the following days of the Festival, these guys and many others will strut their stuff at the club until the early hours of the morning.

On Friday, a big Multimedial Party, organized by Hrvatski Telekom, will be held at Vikend hall, featuring the popular DJ/VJ variant of Dubioza Kolektiv from Sarajevo, Diskobajagi.

Within the programme Belgrade on a Business Trip, famous Serbian actor Sergej Trifunović and his Big Band (23 musicians) will perform at Vikend hall. They are sure to create an awesome party with their hilarious version of domestic and foreign hits. Following that is the performance of the legendary DJ from Belgrade, the alpha and omega of Belgrade’s night life and co-owner of the best clubs in Belgrade, Tube, Mladost, Ludost, Brankow and Lasta, DJ Peppe

Nikola Vrdoljak

Predrag Grubic

Tomo Ricov

Press 04.09

Weekend Media Festival: for the sixth time in Rovinj, for the first time in the European Union

Zagreb, June 3rd, 2013


For the sixth time in Rovinj and for the first time in the European Union, the Festival area of the old tobacco factory will host about 4,000 media, marketing and PR professionals on the Weekend Media Festival. From September 19th – 22nd, the largest regional Festival of communication will once again feature a series of interesting lectures, intriguing panels, workshops and presentations, in a relaxed atmosphere and excellent fun on numerous concerts and parties which will end the summer season in Rovinj.

Renowned lecturers and panellists have always been a staple of the Weekend Media Festival. Tom Buday, Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication for the world’s largest food industry, the Swiss Nestlé, will come to Rovinj this year. Buday will talk about Nestlé’s approach to consumer communication in today’s digital world.

Nicholas Kfuri, professor of Strategy at Cotrugli Business School in Germany, will talk about how the social media have changed marketing, and Viktor Marohnić, co-founder and CEO of ShoutEm Five Minutes Studio from USA, will give a lecture with an intriguing title: “Why is Vjesnik Bakery your dream client?” The lecture of the director of the Belgrade Philharmonics, Ivan Tasovac, is sure to spark a lot of interest, as he will be talking about management and culture, as will the lecture of Niro Korczak, head of Google Exports Israel, with the topic “From Local to Global”.

The Festival has prepared a number of panels for this year as well, regarding current and often controversial subjects. The most topical is Croatia joining the EU, and this will be discussed on the panel called “(Don’t) Join the EU!” by two acclaimed journalists living in Brussels, from The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Telegraph, respectively, who have opposite views on the issue. The panel “Croatia Inc. Goes Digital” is dedicated to digital strategies of Croatia’s leading companies and to switching the majority of the business to the web. Participants of the panel “Hate on social networks” will try to answer how to fight the large amount of non-argumented negative comments on social networks. Honoured guests and panel members will probably be hated on live, so we will monitor that and also analyse it.

The Sixth Weekend Media Festival will have a competition and a revue, for which the bid is open. If you made a mobile app one cannot live without, if you made a YouTube blockbuster, if you designed an Instagram profile that is a sight for sore eyes or have something else to brag about, Jasno&Glasno, Plan B and Gingernet invite you to apply to SoMoBorac Awards. You can register your works on http://somo.weekendmediafestival.com, where a carefully selected international jury will give them a first-class treatment and shower them with love.

For the second time in a row, the Weekend Media Festival will feature BalCannes, a regional revue of the best advertising agencies, organized in association with HURA. Last year’s first edition of BalCannes was hailed as the marketing event of the year in the entire region, and it drew more than 100 works and 50 agencies from six countries in the region. BalCannes 2013 is open to all interested agencies from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, and applications are open until September 1st. All of the applied works will be shown on the Weekend Media Festival within BalCannes screening programme and on BalCannes Yellow Pages – an online data base of agencies which will be active all year long. Even though BalCannes is not a competition, 25 of the most interesting projects will be presented in the main festival hall during the Weekend Media Festival. More on BalCannes, applications and terms of participation can be found at www.balcannes.com.

Overview of the media scene of all the markets in the region will once again be featured in A Look Over the Fence, because the Weekend will bring in six experts who will give a fast and dynamic rundown of all the things you have missed since the last Weekend.

Last year’s Weekend Media Festival hosted some 4,000 participants from Croatia and the region, as well as guests from Europe and the United States, including 500 journalists with accreditations and more than 100 lecturers and panellists from the region. With top lectures, panel discussions and presentations, the Weekend confirmed its position as the place for the best concerts and parties.

Weekend fun

Everyone who has at least once experienced the infectious atmosphere of the Weekend knows that the parties make the experience complete and people talk about them until the next Weekend. Every day of the Festival will feature a series of promotions, concerts and evening parties which are an ideal opportunity for informal networking for the Weekend’s visitors.




Weekend Media Festival 2013 on opportunities of doing business in the European market and the strategic influence of social networks on marketing processes


Zagreb, June 3rd, 2013

Zagreb, June 3rd, 2013 – The sixth Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional festival of communications, will be held from September 19th – 22nd in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. This year’s festival promises to offer an exciting experience to its faithful visitors during the four days of the Festival.

“For the sixth year in a row, Weekend gathers more than 4,000 domestic and regional PR professionals from media and marketing, as well as numerous guests from Europe and the United States. This Weekend offers excellent classes, interesting panels, workshops and presentations, casual networking, familiarization with current world trends in communication and great fun,” announced the director of Weekend Media Festival, Tomo Ricov.

“The programme of Weekend Media Festival will cover the most important events in the media, marketing and communications industry in the past year. Regional experts and leaders in the industry will discuss key topics, and through many workshops, the participants will gain new expertise and experiences. As always, we will shift the focus to broader topics than just communications; the summer’s main topic will be the EU and the business strategies, as well as the opportunities and threats companies will face when entering a market of 500 million people,” pointed out the Director of the programme, Nikola Vrdoljak.

Among many lecturers, Weekend will host Nicolas Kfuri, Phd, professor of Strategy in Cortugli Business School, a top marketing expert whose main interest are strategic and international business. He teaches at public and private universities around the world, including business schools in Germany, Spain and Mexico. Mr Kfuri gained industry experience using all marketing mix techniques, developing strategic planning processes, evaluating and selecting market segments, as well as developing and communicating positioning strategies. He will present the core of his knowledge and experiences on this year’s Weekend and give a lecture on the influence of social networks on marketing processes. 

Considering the great importance of social networks in a private, as well as in a business environment, for the first time this year’s Weekend will host the SoMo Awards, organized by the magazine planb.hr and digital agencies Gingernet and Jasno&Glasno. All those who created a mobile app one cannot live without, made a YouTube blockbuster, designed an Instagram profile that is a sight for sore eyes, within a social or mobile category, they can submit their works at http://somo.weekendmediafestival.com, where a carefully selected international jury will give them a first-class treatment and shower them with love.

Weekend and HURA continue their cooperation with Balcannes, the review of the best agency projects from six countries from the region: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. The works can be submitted at http://www.balcannes.com/kako-sudjelovati. Along with Balcannes, one of the main features of the programme for Weekend 2013 is A Look Over the Fence. For all those who want to know what we missed from one Weekend to the next, the organizers will once again bring in six experts to the Weekend who will give you a fast and dynamic rundown of all the things we should know.

Last year’s Weekend Media Festival hosted some 4,000 participants from Croatia and the region, as well as guests from Europe and the United States, including 500 journalists with accreditations and more than 100 lecturers and panellists from the region. With top lectures, panel discussions and presentations, the Weekend confirmed its position as the place for the best concerts and parties to end the summer season in Rovinj.

You can already apply for this year’s Weekend at www.weekendmediafestival.com.