Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 19. - 22. 09. 2013.

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SoMo Borac to Award a 3D Award to the Best Social and Mobile Media Experts

The award recognizing the best of social networks and mobile categories, to be awarded for the first time this year, at the Weekend Media Festival, will be printed out on a 3D printer.

The exciting technology of 3D printing is taking over the world. We can already print out food, musical instruments or awards. The SoMo Borac award, to be awarded at Weekend Media Festival, organized by the magazine planb.hr and Gingernet and Jasno i glasno agencies, will reward the best with an awesomely designed award printed out on a 3D printer. SoMo Borac will be among the first in the world to present an award made in the unique 3D technology.

“Since the SoMo Borac award recognizes innovation and originality in social networks and the mobile segment, the finals, i.e. the Award, had to symbolize these two elements. And as the most important Internet award, SoMo Borac has to pioneer the innovations. Therefore, an award printed out on a 3D printer was the logical and the most fun solution”, said Boris Ličina, Creative Director of the agency Jasno i glasno.

Regarding the process, it took 496.12 minutes and 90.265 cubic centimetres of plastic, i.e. a little more than 12.5 meters of plastic filament to print out the award. PLA plastic was used in the printing process, made from renewable sources and bio-degradable. The awards were made by Orca design, and the manufacturing studio Dve Cvoke helped to put everything together.

The Award ceremony will be held at Weekend Media Festival on Saturday, September 21st, in the Vikendica hall, beginning at 12:30 pm.